BLOG POST – It’s been a bussy day | 9th of November

(I’ll sort the layout of these posts next time I have wi-fi – I need to get to sleep now – but please do read! ^_^ )

Hello there, everyone!

Yes, indeed, after two silly, pack-being-too-heavy-related, false starts, I have finally gathered everything together and have embarked upon a hell-of-a ‘Bussy’ day! 😉


After the inevitable, rather melancholy moments of saying goodbye to the folks and my little brother – (not to forget the cats, Brodie and Machi too!) – I hopped on the bus from Minard to Tarbet.

I haven’t been on a bus in a while, right, so I forget that it’s common to push the bell to remind the bus driver that you’d like to get off – so after flinging by the busstop I calmly walked down the bus isle and politely asked the driver,

“Hello there. When is the stop for Tarbet?”
“Oh. Back there mate. It’s your responsibility to push the bell!”

I almost fainted.

He kindly stopped in the middle of the road, I hopped out, swooped my bag from under the bus and began tramping the kilometre or so back down the road to Tarbet – SO HA!
I did actually do some walking today! 😉

I popped into Cafe Lochan and took a gander down to the pier.
Look at that Swan. Poser.

p1180276Oh, I just couldn’t resist! – (I’ll actually be taking tons of selfies and compiling them all into an awesome video at the end of this trip – so stay tuned! :D)

I met these two incredible people named ‘John Candoo’ and ‘Noell’ who were intrigued about my walk and we spoke about adventure, travelling, tramping, philosophy, fireworks and blustery gales in rocking caravans.

They have connected with me on Facebook and will be following along with my expedition! – If you guys happen to read this – ‘Love not fear!’ 😉

So after making sure I knew where my bus would pull in, I lugged my pack off and sat upon a wall that had had, at one point vertical railings all along it. – I don’t have a picture..I’ll get better at this blogging thing. ^_^

I do have pictures of the busstop and pole though!
Someone put a knitted thistle on the pole. N’aaw.

The bus to Fort William was a rather busy one, but the views were incredible – I didn’t have a window seat, so I just took pictures of the busyness 😉

After a pee in Morrisons and winning the battle to top-up my phone, I popped onto the bus to Inverness.

Until the last half hour, it had 6 people on it, including the driver!

This guys face again. 😉
This one fellow had a dashing red poppy on his black beanie. I thought it was wonderful.


I popped into the Tesco’s on the right there, to get my week’s food, and will probably end up resupplying there again next Friday!

I then took a stroll down towards the beautiful, incredibly homely Eskdale guest house, to be greeted by the wonderfully welcoming Mrs Kennedy, who showed me to my cosy room – and in which I am now writing this!

So, I’ve found that creating a blog post does take a little time to put together and, of course, I’ll only be able to post more whenever I get wi-fi – so please do be patient for the next few posts! – 

I will, however, be keeping an active Instagram, and most probably Facebook/Twitter, whilst I’m walking, (all subject to having 3G mobile internet, of course! ^_^ )

So please follow me here:

Thanks a bunch, folks!

Have a wonderful life and choose love not fear! 😉

Stefan 🙂

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  1. Have a great time Stefan.

    1. Sorry it’s been some time, but I shall Kim! 😀

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