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Today truly begun with a startled hop out of bed as I found out that rebelling against my alarm clock makes me late – too late!

So after having a quick, yet incredible salmon and scrambled egg, cereal and orange juice breakfast (Not all in the same bowl!), I packed my bag properly and left Mrs Kennedy’s lovely Eskdale Guesthouse.

My bus was leaving at 09:30 and when I closed the door behind me it was 09:10, so I had to get my cheeks moving!

With the simultaneous help of 2 lovely, hat-and-scarf-wearing girls and a well-dressed businessman, I was directed towards the bus-station and arrived with about 4 minutes to spare – so right on time! 😉

Like on the journey between Fort William and Inverness, my bus, the X97, was even more-so empty and it showed that most folks just didn’t live up here – or at least didn’t hop on long-haul busses during the week.


The journey along the coast was incredibly beautiful and, at the time, I had no idea I’d be seeing this same road up close in the next coming days!





From a bus window this corner doesn’t seem like it’s too significant, but 3 days later, this was the beginning of a whole heap of insane turmoil and agony for my feet, legs and back. DAMN HILLS!


I was too busy taking so many photos and admiring the beautiful vistas, that I failed realise that the bus had actually passed by John o’Groats and had just pulled up at the end of the line –  Gills Bay Ferry Terminal.

These are Pentland Ferries. They were quite loud and smokey, going to be wonderful when transport is all clean electric!

So this meant that I had to walk TO my start line, to BEGIN my walk! ^_^

Feet on the ground.

It was a rather silly thing to have let happen, but hey, I met some lovely horses along the way.


I do have a brilliant video to show you during this walk, however most of the videos have quite a large file size and the wi-fi I have managed to get onto isn’t really capable of uploading it before I have to leave again in the morning – but I will link it here when it’s all uploaded!

Here’s my face when I realise what the hell I’ve just begun.


And here’s the stunningly wonderful sunset road I’d just walked down!

This road is part of the National Cycle Route 1 running from Dover to Shetland!p1180404

The direction I was walking 🙂

I finally arrived at John o’Groats and made my way straight to the coast line.

There I happened upon a perfect campsite, yet it was shut down for the winter – HOWEVER – I hopped the fence and suddenly it was open. 😉
Home for the night!

It was rather chilly indeed!

p1180419The moon made an appearance!

I then decided it was time for a hot meal and a pint, so I headed up to the local pub – named the Seaview Hotel. (For good reason. Many places – houses, hotels, villages – are named after looking toward the water; ‘Bayview’, ‘Seaview’ etc. So common!)

Now, I didn’t want to lug my backpack all the way into the hotel, plonk it down (that is if I hadn’t knocked a bunch of plates off the walls first), then eat my dinner, so I devised a plan.

I knew where I was camping for the night, and I knew that it was a rather remote spot, in-fact one of the last settlements until Duncansby Head (the true most North Easterly point of Mainland Britain), so I decided to deploy my trusty umbrella, stuck it in a pocket of my pack and shoved it in a crevice of a small grass bank!
Camouflaged, huh?

I then proceeded to pop along to the local Hotel, ordered myself a pint of John o’Groats local ale, and a big plate of fish pie, chips and salad!
Not too shabby.

And after enjoying my dinner and pint, I took a leisurely stroll down the long, lamp-lit road to the sea.

Arrived back at my campsite, to find my bag still perfectly intact and exactly where I’d placed it.

And that was the beginning of my walk from Scotland to Bulgaria!

I’d say that was a lovely way to start my many days of ‘Just Gone a Wanderin”.

Thank you for reading!

Love not fear!

Stefan 🙂

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