Northern Horses! | Moment | November 11th, 2016

All the way down the coast so far, from John o’Groats to Inverness, there has been horses in, oh, at least every third field!

Here was 4 wonderfully friendly, and super beautiful horses that just wanted to say hello and be pet! 😀

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  1. Stefan,
    Picked up your envelope from Skipton Castle Tuesday 3rd January.
    First day back after the holidays. Where are you now?
    Has the stone to be passed on or is it a memento?
    Happy New Year

    1. Apologies for the late reply, Peter, I didn’t realise you had commented!

      That’s fantastic! The stone’s a gift for your kindness! – It’s yours to do what you’d like with it, but I’d like to think of it as a keepsake for you to be part of my journey.

      Although the blog is incredibly far behind (I will update it!) I am currently in Cambridge!

      Happy New Year to you too 😀

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