BLOG POST – Wick of The Antlers. | November 12th 2016

Today begun with awakening to the stench of socks. Oh joy!
-I have now learned that when drying one’s socks after a wet day, it is best to wash them with soap before dunking them on a radiator! – ^_^

After hopping up and getting most of my things together, I popped down to the breakfast room of the Seaview Hotel, where I had decided to get a room for the frozen night, and was to find I was the only one up for breakfast. A lovely lady had been called in to have everything ready and, whilst munching on my jammy toast, having spoons of Fruit and Fibre and between swigs of sweet orange juice, we talked all about my expedition and it surfaced that she had previously been to Bulgaria!

She mentioned that there were many travelling gypsies who rode their horse and carriages all throughout the country and that, although she stayed in a tourist resort town, the general impression of the hilltop-people were that they were kind and welcoming, yet, maybe stereotypically-so, the travelling gypsies certainly required a little extra vigilance, in terms of safety, when interacting with them – “Just trust your instinct” – was the take away.

Slinging my bag on and dropping out the door, and after a last glance back, I powered on down the lovely-lit, overgrown path/pavement thingy and began eating up my 35KMs ahead.



All the way so far, there has been a bunch of brilliant house/farm signs along the road – look at this!

The one thing I have noticed is that I’m going to be continually walking with the sun in my face – which is lovely when it’s a chilly day – but begins to become a wee bit annoying – so I reckon I’ll be picking up some snow-goggles from Inverness.


Wandering along the way, I happened upon what seemed like some form of oil-refinery.oil-sign


 The sign says ‘From seabed to surface’.


There was an incoming bird-poops-strike on these oil pipes!

And then after the oil-plant there was a whole heap of this!

I passed by some lovely wee remote cottages on my way.
High-five to who can spot the person!

Even Stefan has spots – so don’t worry about it 😉

There were plenty of fields on either side of me. 

Their hay had all been ground up and bundled into bales. – I love seeing this!

I was passing through Wick today and I wanted to power on through it and get to my b&b – so it was time for a super-feet-up preparation break.
Don’t worry, I laid down here – the bus wasn’t responsible 😉

Wick wasn’t all I had hoped of it. I felt like it was a far-too-congested, cramped and polluted town, which is a shame as it was my first large settlement. But hey, this is all part of the journey 🙂

Thanking you kindly, but perhaps not walking!

There were these incredibly artistic, wooden chainsaw-chiselled statues of some bears though, that I found just fantastic!


After leaving Wick I was onto the long trek to Occumster. (About 3 miles from Latheron – so I had some 14 miles left!)

From all the way back in 1984 – Jimmy Macky says hi!

It’s superbly filled with glare – but the sun gave a light show before sinking down to bring the dark side.

And although I don’t have the pictures to show you, I then proceeded to walk 3 hours down the winding road – head torch a’blinking and hig-vis a’shining – until I finally arrived at the most beautiful B&B’s in the area – The Antlers.

If you’re in the area, I highly recommend staying here – the owners were wonderfully kind and accommodating – And after realising I’d been walking all day and that there wasn’t a restaurant within decent walking distance, the woman, I believe her name was Sheena, went far enough to make me some scrumptious fish soup, with bread to mop it up and some high-vitamin mango juice to wash it all down – IT WAS TREMENDOUS.

Apart from the owners, I was the only one staying in the house and I felt extremely privileged to be given such close care – especially after a long, hard day’s 40km walk! – Oh, and I had a lovely, ROASTING, bath too!

My photography skills aren’t the best here, but this was where I slept for the night.

That’ll do nicely.

Love not fear,

Stefan 🙂

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