BLOG POST – Kingshouse Care Package. | 28th November 2016

Okay-dokey. I need to work out a better formula for creating blog posts!
My most latest, in-depth post was on November the 14th and that’s way over a full month ago – so what I’ve decided to do is create a Weekly update of 7 days worth of blogging content all rolled up into one then split them into separate day posts.

That way, you can get a much more detailed description of a proper chunk of my journey and I’m far more likely to be able to actually update it! – What I’ll do is type out my stories from the 28th of November to the 13th of December and split it all into individual daily posts. (I’ll fill in the rest over the next week)

Doing it this way means you don’t have to read it all at once, but I can still produce a bunch of days of content, but just on a weekly basis?


Right, well, I’ll begin on he 28th – so here goes!:

After having traversed a mighty long way up the heaving Ben Nevis Range mountains from Fort William to then slide down the sudden, yet expected, descent to Kinlochleven/Kinlochmore – oh, that’s not forgetting the superbly steep climb up afterwards over the notorious Devil’s Staircase (Which, as it was pitch dark and I hadn’t previously researched it, I had no idea I was climbing until I got to this sign!)

After 11 hours of continuous walking through the mountains, I eventually arrived at the most wonderful Kingshouse Bunkhouse with it’s stunning murals!

Upon stumbling into the Kingshouse grounds, I was met by lights off and 1 car in the carpark. Now, as much as this tried to persuade me that everyone had shut up shop and gone to bed, I continued walking around and found the cafe/restaurant, ‘The Way Inn’ – which was lovely, however it looked like it had closed early as I was rather late for checking in (It was around 8pm, now) – But upon some more vigilant snooping around, I spotted a friendly face through one of the the Inn windows and decided to just try the door – it was open!

Inside I found 2 barmen and the chef sitting amongst darkened tables seemingly twindling away time till closing with their joyful conversation and guitar playing. As the night grew on, I had looked increasingly like a no-show, so they were surprised to see me heave in with my bulky backpack and wobbly legs!

After some delightful Macaroni Cheese from their ‘Comfort Food’ menu, a superb dark ale and calming rifts of conversation, Allan, one of the barman and the most talkative of the staff, gifted me his first novel, ‘Arico Zanical Spacechase’ – an eccentric story about the adventures of a travelling juggler.

What an incredible gesture!

I then popped off to my bunkroom for a well-recieved shower and rest.

Here’s my room! 🙂

‘The Way Inn’ in the the daylight!

The bunkhouse in the daylight!

I had beautiful mountain vistas surrounding all degrees of vision today.

I’ll let the pictures do the talking!


Here’s me talking about my kilometers to come!

My Dad works for Enercon, a wind turbine company, and he travels all over Britain assessing the maintenance crews assigned to maintain various turbines and it just so happened that he was travelling almost parallel to where I was walking, albeit going North rather than South, but we managed to meet just upon The Bridge of Orchy!

Now, I knew he wouldn’t be too comfortable with me taking his photo, so I just captured him driving away and HE BROUGHT ME A CARE PACKAGE!

A bunch of food made with Motherly love delivered to me by my Paw – just brilliant! 😀

“OH HELLOOOO!” – Oh, I met this guy..

I’d now reached a point in my journey where I was walking through places that I had actually been recently before.

It was a peculiar experience.

I was on my way to Tyndrum; I recognised the streets, the Green Welly and the surrounding countryside, but it all felt almost unrecognisable – as if I’d been there when I was very young and couldn’t quite understand how everything fit together.

These were taken the morning after – just so I had some content!

I have had incredible support so far on my walk, and have been ever so grateful for the effort that some people have made to be part of it. –  I must give a huge amount of praise to Liz Feeney for reaching out to the brilliant Heather Clement, and for Heather to so readily make sure that I felt instantly comfortable in Tyndrum by meeting me in the height of night along the trail I was taking into the village.

Having unfortunately hurt her ankle on the way, she had relentlessly hunkered down at the side of the path waiting on my arrival with her lovely little dog, Midge, by her side – we then hobbled back to her car and drove the Kilometer or so to her b&b where I was to spend the night generously free of charge. A bunch of conversation and a hot bath later, I was fast asleep!


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  1. June Scott-Brining says: Reply

    Hi Stefan, You met a friend of mine today – Dave Grundy – one of the Walk1000miles group. What a great journey you are on. Love it! My husband, Antony and I live in France near Angouleme (South of Poitiers and north of Bordeaux) and if you are anywhere near us in your travels we would be delighted to offer you a bed and meal. We are travelling 20th Feb to March 13th but otherwise we are here. Happy to drive and pick you up as we live in a tiny hamlet in the middle of cognac vineyards. Good luck on your journey .

    1. Hello there, June!

      Oh, brilliant. That’s an incredible offer and one I would certainly accept, however that’s just too far West for me to make viable on this adventure unfortunately, the furthest West into France I’ll be going is pretty much Lyon, so I’ll be right the way over near the border!

      One day I’ll be sure to visit you! It looks to be a beautiful part of our world – Thank you!

      Stefan 🙂

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