BLOG POST – Cars, Bridges and Airports. | December 2nd, 2016

Today was a day of necessity.

I was still staying with Euan and Joe, in Paisley, yet I hadn’t actually walked to their home – meaning I was here as an ‘Illegal Alien’ 😉

I create the rules for the Wander and I say that I must always have a continuous walking line, but I’ll accept lifts to places further ahead to sleep. And today was a 6 hour day of catching the 20 minutes of driving from Balloch to Paisley – AND IT WAS INSANELY INDUSTRIAL.

Before I get into that, though, there was some lovely parts of this wander portion:

Above is where Silvia and I had split up the night before.

Now, I love to give a sentiment of a Scottish pebble to people who are kind to me along my journey and, just through forgetfulness, I’d not handed Silvia one before I’d popped away for a coffee. But, since we’d connected through the Faceboooobs, I was able to let her know that I’d be back in Balloch the following morning and would find an obvious place to drop of her very own Wander Stone!

Silvia’s pebble!

So, it all worked out. I truly need to stop forgetting to give wonderful people sones, though – oh, but I did remember to take a photo of her (And Craig!) – so I am getting somewhat better at this! 😉

I also happened to pass by the hospital I was born in, today.

The Vale of Leven. Pretty cool! 😀

I passed this sign. Puked.

Now to the pollution.


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There was some moments of not being able to see cars and, if you tried really hard, you could pretend the rush above the cliff on the left was a waterfall and not a dual-carriageway 😉

Hilly bridge.

I must say though, if you looked past the plastic-bag infested bushes, dodged the cans and bottles strewn across the path and squinted a little – it wasn’t too bad along the canal!

I made my way under the Eskrine Bridge. I’d only ever known this bridge to be the way to get to the Travel Inn (or, ‘The Room’ as we called it!) when I was younger – I had no idea there was even a canal path here!

As I walked along the bridge with the swooshing vehicles pinging ahead of me, I decided this was a wonderful place to create a ‘Wander with Stefan’ video!

I then decided it was time to get a move on, as where I was headed deep into was not the sort of place a lone traveler would like to frequent. Especially at night! 

Turn out, though, I had nothing to fear, really. That’s a recurring theme I’ve found with this walk – bad things are rare and incredible things are always present.
The only reason we fear problems will occur is because they are highlighted and brought to the surface with so much more vicious vigor than most positive things.

News sources continually spread negativity because it’s so much more efficient at grabbing our attention – but the very nature it being in the News is that it’s unusual!

There’s two things that are extremely contagious and easy to fall in to: Complaining and being scared. Don’t let it swallow you!

Anyhoo, before self-help Stefan interrupted, I was going to tell you about how, as I spilled thorough the endless maze of residential back-streets, I WAS SO INCREDIBLY GRATEFUL FOR MY GPS.

There are some instances when walking is quicker than driving! Albeit maybe for 10 seconds or so 😉

As I marched along, I passed by Glasgow Airport. Joe and I had been discussing how long a break there had to be between aircraft lift-offs and so I counted the space between.

On average, about 1:25 seconds!

Land. Taxi. Lift off.

On the home-stretch I also passed the ‘Scottish Ambulance Service’ building – and a freaking chopper landed! I didn’t get any photos though, – so just believe me, k? 😉

Then it was a mile to go, then we spent the rest of the night watching Westworld. Incredible show, definitely recommended n’ stuff.

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