BLOG POST – Host, Storm and Brother. | 7th December, 2016.

I consider it an incredible win to wake up in East Kilbride wrapped in a bunch of cosy covers.


Last night I stumbled wonderfully into my exploration of the Couchsurfing Universe as I stayed with the most incredible Sean and Agata – strangers who became brilliant friends!

I also kindly received a wake up call from one fluffy member of the household… 😉

Get up, punk. I run this house. 😉

My day was to be a drenched one. It was just a tad stormy outside – albeit not as bad as some stretches of the West Highland Way, but certainly something to take into consideration.

I’d dressed for the occasion donning my waterproof trousers, jacket and, of course, Blumby the trusty umbrella was dutifully deployed.

After an hour of plodding road-side through a strong Easterly wind which was threatening to fling me in front of some trucks, I’d decided my original planned route was pushing my super-bad-ass threshold into dangerously suicidal territory – so, I took a moment to contemplate how in the buggery I was going to find an alternative way to Abington.

Very vindy, ya!



After a moment of scanning I discovered there was a beautifully simple alternative B-road farm track that by-passed the monstrosity of the A726 – the only niggle being there was a boggy field in the way.

My feet were already wet though, so full stomp ahead!

Witness the wetness.

Across the field and onto the B-road!

After dodging a bunch of sheep and horse jobbies, climbing over 3 fences, ducking under some barbed wire and almost falling knee-deep in some stagnant bog-water, I emerged onto this stunning farm track.

Much better.

Some gnarly pylons also made an appearance.

I’d initially bought some snow goggles for use whilst bothy-hopping over the craggy mountains further North in the Ben Nevis Range and in Glencoe, however I’d changed my route at the last moment to discover the lower-altitude West Highland Way, which meant I hadn’t actually required them.



I also met another wet and weary wanderer as I was squelching along my way. ^_^

I was currently 25 Kilometers into my route today, and my plan was to walk 45KM to Abington then pitch up my lovely 2-man tent and have a beautiful snooze, to then be up fresh in the morning to trundle down to Moffat – BUT THE RAINS WERE A WILD BEAST.

So, upon arrival at Strathaven, it had already gone 3pm and it would be another 4 hours till Abington, which I, quite frankly, could not be buggered doing in this weather.

So I found the nearest cafe and telephoned the top gentlemen that is my brother, Richard Goodwin, to come and collect my sodden bottom.

I don’t know how well you can see, but the camera lens is all fogged from condensation!

Richy incredibly kindly drove from Linlithgow to Strathaven, a journey of some hour and a half, to meet me in the local cafe. He then bought me another coffee and a cake too.

I’d last seen Rich about 5 days before in Paisley, but it’s always wonderful to have some brother banter with the punk. 😉

After our coffee and cake, he rolled me back in our family van to Linlithgow to stay the night at Ben and Stephanie’s flat where he was currently staying.

I managed to snap a sneaky photo or two of him as he was arriving at the van – good fun! ha


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