BLOG POST – Goodbye Truckstop. | 8th December, 2016.

Having trodden 2000 Kilometers over ice-capped mountains, car-infested highways and energy draining clay mud swamps I feel I’ve now recognised the recurring theme of continual travel: Holding on and letting go.

Thursday, December the 8th, 2016 was the last time I gave my big punk of a bro a cuddle before setting forth into the wilderness of Southern Scotland into Northern England. Here’s his cheeky smile ^_^

And here it was. To continue this way for another million steps would land me at the shores of Harwich, England’s port town towards the Gateway to Europe.

I certainly wasn’t the only one making the journey South…

– albeit, maybe I was the only one on foot!

Plodding along, I spotted this sign telling the local legend of a Miller who’d forbade his daughter from meeting with a local Youth – said Youth then lit fire to the thatch of the mill with a pair of spectacles in defiance of hate and for glory of love! – Or maybe he was just steamin’ and thought it’d be funny.

As I have the time to notice my surroundings, I’ve been spotting a huge amount of interesting signs – whether they be place or farm names, there’s some incredible ones out there!

It was a beautiful day for walking and capturing some moments, so here’s some cool airplane sky shots – simplicity is the greatest form of complexity! 😉

I’ve now found that there’s always some intriguing, untold story to be discovered anywhere one wanders and this little fella below inspired many an intriguing thought, indeed…

Just waiting on a lift, I suppose?

Roadworks and traffic lights can be my greatest of allies because, for a precious few seconds, they enable my two stilts to suddenly become more adept than rolling metal at traversing onwards!

I was glad I wasn’t hopelessly lost…

…Green..wood road?..

Turns out I’m not the only mad bugger out walking winding, steep and dipping B roads against traffic – in fact, this lady even had her dogs with her – what a loon! 😉

The motorway is never far away…

Some of Santa’s helpers were still tidying up – hurry up, guys! 😉

Trucks, bridge pillar – tons of weight.

I walked along the old-main-road that’s been converted into a HUGE cycle track for around 3 hours of my day, today – I also made a ‘Wander with Stefan’ video on it 🙂

Someone had overfilled the warehouse…


I was actually staying in a hotel tonight, yet it was 45KM from where I’d begun my day, so to see some confirmation that I was making progress was the most incredible motivation to keep on plodding!

My feet were aching but relentless.

Talking to my mum on the phone, making my way up my last hill of the night, I turned to glance through the scramble of trees behind. I was leaving The North. HOW FREAKING GAME OF THRONES IS THIS?! 😉

Sprawling into darkness the continual stream of dual white and red lights brushed the landscape like some huge advancing bio-luminescent worm. Meanwhile, for the next 2 hours, I was detached catching my lunging legs on my own way down to my Trucker’s hotel.

I also made this video…I was feeling even more mad than usual..

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