BLOG POST – 23 and me. | 3rd March, 2017.

EDIT 15/04/2017: I am now back home in Scotland for a 5 week break, which means I have a huge amount of time to update my blogging days! Yaay – so expect a bunch of them to arrive soon 🙂

So here goes, folks; I need to sort out my Written Blog Post consistency.
My last post was on the 9th of December, which, after some mental maths n’ stuff, comes out at 102 days ago – THAT’S A WHILE AGO.

So, what I’m going to do is update my last while from the 3rd to the 21st, all in one big batch – then, as I find the time, I’ll fill in the other days before. This way the blog can be as current as possible and slowly have the history be added – I am connecting videos from my YouTube channel (Which is always super updated), but this does take some time as I have to create a thumbnail for each one so every video takes between 5-10 minutes to connect – BUT THEY WILL ARRIVE.

Ok. So let’s begin with the 3rd of March, 2017. 🙂

After a long night of plonking from a tiny farm village that I’ve unfortunately forgotten the name of, I arrived gratefully into the home of Amandine Didier, my wonderful host whilst in Bastogne.

She headed off early in the morning to work, yet still found time to set me up some breakfast and coffee for when I awoke – how wonderful! 😀

Fortnately, just as I was about to open the door, Amandine popped back home for lunch! I left number 23, energised and with a new incredible friend ^_^

Stomping toward Arlon, I had a glimpse of the momentous task ahead of me.

Some road…

There were some intriguing moments on this small stretch of road.

First of all, I spotted that ‘AutoGlass’ is ‘CarGlass’‘ in Belgium.

There were some honorable reminders of ‘The Siege of Bastogne’ -where Nazi Germany tried their mightiest to take the city -in the form of Memorials as well as American tanks beside churches.

Gnarly stuff, huh?

I was heading to Arlon and I had a little shudder seeing this sign…37KM isn’t too bad, but this was on the motorway – I was taking the more scenic route! 😉

On my GPS, my route actually had me way off to the left, (I’d missed my turning) – not on the road I was currently plonking down. I was aware of this, but I thought there must be a way to connect back up..WELL THERE WAS, BUT..

It was ever so slightly illegal and on the motorway ^_^

I eventually reached the over-bridge connecting onto some much more lovely B-roads.

My feet were certainly happier here 🙂

The motorway was certainly much quieter than I’d usually seen.

Bart Simpson was kicking it by this wrecked camper van.

This was a much more suitable path to be walking on, I must say!

This sign would live up to it’s words soon.

I passed by some form of isolated retirement resort type-place. There were a bunch of old folks with far too much gear fishing, stacked up in rows. It didn’t seem like the greatest of fun to me.

This guy had the best spot though, I reckon.

So, it turns out I had been walking on a dissued and converted railway for the last 10KM and for the majority of the rest of my journey to Arlon. How cool!

I couldn’t help but feel like I was walking somewhere I shouldn’t be though…

I passed by some rotten and abandoned railway huts and buildings.

Was so cool.

Everything felt superbly odd and rather uninviting.

But then I met this cute wee munchkin and all of a sudden my mood was brightened!

There’s seems to be something about a big-backpack clunking, fluorescent-jacket wearing, straggly Scotsman that cats like. – I’ve had so many puddy encounters now! ha

Further on, I came across this man-made waterfall smoother-outter thingy.

Everything was in French, and I haven’t yet bothered to translate, but I’m sure it’s to do with slowing down/quieting the river + whilst still allowing the fishies to freely flop up the forward-flowing river. I think the red line indicates how the riverbed used to be, and the numbers represent how it was built on top of.
One thing I do know though, is that that middle fishes is not a jolly fellow.

He is totally pissed about that wall – and for good reason. Punk’s stopping him from swimming back home!

I then came across this bench that I presume had been created from this fallen tree – i love it!

Some donkeys were just chillin’ on the trail too – I passed them without a hitch.

Now, here’s where ‘Ls Strange’ comes in.

I’d seen on my GPS that there was a much less steep, shorter, lower elevation path below the one I had plotted previously – so the wisest decision is just to take it, right?


This was where my trail ended and my pointy, tree-terror and bush-butchery begun.

Clambering through thick thickets of almost impenetrable cross-thatched nettles, brambles and willow trees, I lugged myself and heaved the 14KGs of my pack behind me. We were latched onto and released viciously by major amounts of overgrown vegetation – and all the while my GPS joyfully located my position of being perfectly on a trail…HUH.

Bruised, bleeding and battered, my backpack and I ripped free of the forest’s clutches – here’s my face of relief ^_^

Tally-ho folks, till the next one.

– have a wonderful life!

Stefan 🙂

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  1. Alisha Bovill says: Reply

    From the boy i met in minard primary youve become a fantastic man, must say im very proud of you stefan! This was a brilliant read and photos are fab! Your doing a great job and look like your enjoying travelling, you stay safe now sweetie! Alisha x x

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