BLOG POST – Dragon Paint. | 4th March, 2017.

So, I didn’t take any photos after my scrap with the bushes, but I certainly had some major developments last night; Having walked for over 7 hours, I arrived in the town of Martelange at 8:30PM – this meant I had supremely misjudged my distance to walk today because Google Maps + Local signs were indicating that I still had another 4 hours till my final destination of Arlon. OH BUGGER.

So, I had some logistics to handle.

I was happy to continue walking but doing so meant I’d arrive with my host past 1am, which just isn’t too swell – so, I popped onto the trusty iPhone and began flinging rather urgent messages to both my Host and another sensational dude I met through Couchsurfing, named Christopher. <– I knew that my host Damien was at a dinner and did not have a Smartphone, so his likelihood of seeing my messages were truly quite low, so I decided to focus my attention on Christopher and inquire (like any true gentlemen would) about the possibility of him collecting my bottom from Martelange and bringing me to Arlon.


I appreciated this so much, and not only did he collect me swiftly, he then invited me to his home where we had some beautiful Belgian beers with his girlfriend – kindness is Universal!

After a while, it was suddenly 10:30pm and I had to get to Damien’s home before the time became too disrespectful to just rock up, say hi then go to sleep – so, with new friends, an interesting beer in my belly and a rekindled spirit, we popped into Chris’s car and arrived at number 24.

Damien, Cathy and their two little girls were the most joyfully welcoming people I could have hoped for!

The next morning my plan was to bus back to Martelange, hop off where I’d been picked up then walk back to Arlon.

Outside the bus-stop. There was some parade thing happening over to the left.
I later asked Damien what purpose these things served. Turns out they’re just for decoration… ^_^

My bus arrived and I popped on – 6.50 Euro!

It’s interesting; Due to the cheaper tax for Petrol Stations in Luxembourg, Oil Companies just cluster together on the Luxembourgish side of the road – it’s a peculiar sight!

Across the road and into Luxembourg.

I peed here last night before being collected by Chris. I also peed here the next morning.

Notice how they switched the ‘Men’ and ‘Women’ signs…I still peed in the left toilet. #AntiEstablishment

My walk today was an easy going 25KM or so – this sign is for directly on the motorway, I was popping off to some forest tracks 🙂

I sat here, on the middle bench, last night for a bit contemplating what was the best strategy for arriving in Arlon. I was happy to be back in the morning well rested and fed ^_^

Bye bye, Martelange!

I walked down that road in the background last night.

Well…sure beats the motorway.


I walked through a village called ‘Post’ – thought it was noteworthy. ^_^

Also spotted this sign about the American Quarter Ho(Q?)rse Association – quite cool!

This looks like a dude in a gas-mask and no-one can convince me otherwise.


And check out this wee dude hitching a ride – he was difficult to photograph!

Another Gasmask wearing fire hydrant.

By this point I was closing quickly into Arlon, I could see one of the Churches in the distance.

As I began eating into the outskirts of Arlon, I came across this spectacularly painted building.

How cool!

As night began a creepin’ in, I retraced my morning steps to the bus-stop and was on the home straight to number 24.

‘Twas a swell day!

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