BLOG POST – Bottlecap Flag. | 6th March, 2017.

Despite myself insisting I’d wake up to say goodbye to Damien, Cathy + the girls, I just kept a-snoozing and they decided it was best to let me be. I was a little sad that I didn’t get to hug goodbye (well, they actually kiss here – this has been something I expected but, being politely British, this is still taking some getting used to 😉 ) – but, upon awakening and slugging my way through to the kitchen, I saw that I had my own place set-up for me!

Little gestures like this always create such joy ^_^


In-fact, I’ve asked Damien to send me some jars back to Scotland in exchange for some Scottish Tablet + Shortbread! 😀

When we initially met, Damien, Cathy and I spoke for a good while into the night and we ended up onto the subject of the fear of trusting strangers and just apprehension of committing to decisions in general.

I live by the motto, ‘ Choose Love, not Fear.’ – and Damien + Cathy found this so interesting that they wrote it on their kitchen blackboard – Woohoo! 🙂

I forgot to take a photo of it, but Damien has a huge collection of International and domestic bottlecaps from as far out as Japan to America pressed into his kitchen wall tiles – it’s an incredible idea! Just get some tile cement, smooth it over alternative tiles (or just don’t add a tile) then press all of the bottle caps into the cement in pattern. He also had some Brewdog bottlecaps, that’s a Scottish Brewery based in Ellon, near Aberdeenshire! 😀

This is the cap from the 750ml bottle of beer we had together – it will be the first cap pressed into my wall! 😉

This is where I dried my clothes the night before. Also, check out the gnarly wooden Kenyan cross X chair – all hand carved!

Can’t forget Johnny Cask 😉

The Dropkick Murphys apparently come to Belgium too.

I always leave a note for my host’s if I don’t see them before I leave…

– this one included my address for CHOCOLATE. I think this guy would like some too.

My host’s had a wonderful aptitude to re-using things – HOW COOL ARE THESE BATHROOM SHELVES?!

I left number 24 with a heart full of excitement, love and wellbeing. 🙂

I’m not actually sure this is one, but it’s the only photo I have of this street – there were stripper bars everywhere just by the border of Luxembourg – kinda funny. ^_^


Sensational solar panels. Has to be said.


I seemed to stop taking pictures right about here, so I may as well just say that I waddled onwards to Luxembourg City, met with my brilliant host’s Mike and Carlos – freaked the funk out when I realised my train was cancelled (more on that later) – but then met it with a solution based mindset and slept soundly ready to hop up for the mornings travel!

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