Hello there, everyone!

I am Stefan lee Goodwin, a 20-year-old Scotsman who, beginning last November, embarked on a planned walk of 6000 Kilometers (That’s about 3700 miles for you Imperial folks) across the entirety of Europe!

All-in-all, I’ve walked from Scotland’s wild and bloomin’ blustery John o’Groats, and have swung my feet for 148 days (almost 5 months! ^_^), plodding 2700KM (1700 miles) through 7 countries until deciding to pause the walk indefinitely for a wee foot-break in Lausanne, Switzerland.

On April 8th I returned back home to the land of Highlands and Kilts, on one of those fast-flying-thingies I may add, to take a little Scottish tea break.

Well, that tea break developed into myself diving deep into my troughs of thought, contemplating my next move in life, and I came to the decision that it’s just not wise to linger around counting days until I feel like continuing my walk across Europe again.

My passions are pulling me in another direction, and I’m going to listen to them.

SO, I’m hoppin’ headfirst into pursuing my greatest passions of Voice-Acting, building a Music Promotion Channel + studying Space Systems/Astronomy. – there certainly ain’t no use waiting around, yo’!

This wander-break as an opportunity to embrace my present – instead of waiting for a brighter future, I’m going to light that shizzle up now!

If you’re interested, my Voice-Acting Character/Animation Demo is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AAYg0QZCp-4

And my Music Promotion Channel SleepyFunder is here: https://www.youtube.com/c/SleepyFunderMusic

I’d just like to thank all you folks wholeheartedly for being such a delightful bunch during my days walking from Scotland to Switzerland, you all individually had a hugely significant hand in proving that Humanity is worth having faith in – that the vast majority of people are beautiful souls with great kindness in their hearts.

If there’s anything I want you to take away from this, let it be this:

You live in the world you are thinking of. Make it wonderful.

I will be active over on my YouTube channel at here: https://goo.gl/kmzJe4

I’ll see you around! 😀